Lift & Shift

Migrate legacy workloads into Cloud container-based environments.

The move to Cloud Containers

Since 2013 it’s become apparent that there are compelling advantages to moving workloads to light weight containers. In recent years platforms to provide and manage those containers have matured. This applies to platforms that can be ran in a private data center, as well as public Cloud solutions. But many environments are still using VMs or mainframes to run a high percentage of their workloads. Why?

Enterprise challenges

Many enterprises are early adopters of technology. As a result, critical processes are still running in the environments they were built in. This is not always a bad thing, but it can be a challenge when an enterprise starts competing to create software experiences for newer software companies that are building on lighter weight (and cheaper to operate) platforms. It can also be a cost challenge. Many vendors might charge these enterprises a pretty penny to run on a platform or environment deemed ‘legacy’.

Selecting the right things to move

Phlyt’s approach to helping enterprises with challenge begins with getting an understanding of the technology landscape.

Using proprietary tools Phlyt can scan suites of applications within the legacy footprint and begin to build a map of technologies, custom patterns/libraries, usage a services that might not be cloud friendly and a variety of other factors. Armed with this knowledge Phlyt will build a strategy of what application to migrate first to get the most impact (while minimizing business risk) to move your workloads to a container based environment.

Getting it done with Phlyt

Phlyt will not just come up with a plan, we will help you implement it. We can do the work, and even pair up with your teams while doing it. Using our experience and skills in doing this sort of work we can help you not only migrate the workloads, but also increase the skills and confidence of your teams while doing so.

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