Phlyt Academy

A customized self-service training platform.

What is Phlyt Academy?

Phlyt Academy is a complete training environment you can host in your environment. Its provides:

  • Courses composed of text, video, images, and optional quizzes
  • Tests and quizzes
  • Creating on management of training sandboxes
  • Reporting and tracking of who is taking training and what training is effective

Why use Phlyt Academy?

If you publish unique training content with details specific to your environment (e.g., to get your MongoDB credentials, find cubicle 8657 and offer Richard a donut), you might want to keep these details privately hosted within your environment. Also, not all external hosts provide sandbox environments in your local environment. Phlyt allows you to create and manage your own training sandbox.

How it works

Phlyt Academy is a lightweight application that can run in any container environment. It has different deployment models to accommodate the needs of different teams.

Deployment Models

1. Small and Simple

In this model, Phlyt Academy can be deployed on a single machine (a container, VM, or even a physical machine such as the laptop in the corner office). All training materials are embedded in the application and no other services are required. Simply start it up and let students start learning! Best for smaller teams taking training courses that don’t frequently change.

  • Updates to training can be easily made by simply updating the application bundle.
  • One or many instances can be run.
  • Only basic username/password security is available.
  • Quiz results and course progress are stored in memory.

2. Crowd Source

In this model, Phlyt Academy allows multiple authors to update and tweak training content and quizzes without having to redeploy the application.

  • Course content is stored in your company’s GitHub repository.
  • Can be integrated with external authentication providers.
  • Limitless use with as many courses as you like.
  • Quiz results and course progress are stored in memory.

3. Administration Mode

Phlyt’s Administrative Application allows you to use its intuitive interface to deploy instances of Academy as needed. As students progress through tests and quizzes, their data is persisted in the Admin application. This allows managers and training administrators to access progress reports in a central location and easily see training attendance, test scores, and sandbox environments across all the academy instances.

  • Training content stored in GitHub
  • Postgres DB is required for the Admin application to persist data

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