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About Phlyt

Integrating modern Cloud technologies into enterprise environments

Phlyt (pronounced "Flight") is a Toronto-based software company specializing in Cloud Native training, product development and the transformation of legacy workloads to Cloud Native platforms. We regularly work with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, and their supported runtimes (vSphere, GCP, Azure, AWS), the Spring Framework and Pivotal Gemfire/Apache Geode.

What We Do

  • Developer Productivity
    Combine existing Continuous Integration/Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines with Cloud Foundry.

    Creating, Building and Deploying projects is often a complex process in Enterprise environments. It’s not as easy as just installing and using the latest and greatest tools. There are often existing tools, multiple teams (security, infrastructure, audit and compliance) and a myriad of existing relationships and stories that surround this space. The Phlyt team has dealt with this before and specialize in working with existing teams to tailor a solution that is right for you. We will assess your current tools and determine how to best integrate them with Cloud Foundry or PKS. We can also help you evaluate solutions based on open source tools that are proven to work with these platforms.

  • Legacy Modernization
    Evaluate and provide architectural reviews of existing applications and assist in moving them into container based environments.

    Enterprises face unique challenges in that they have been building and running software for much longer than the software startups they are now being benchmarked against. Phlyt will respect your existing legacy, and the teams that support it, while helping you build a road map that safely moves your workloads to the Cloud. We will interview teams and collect information about how they build software and where their pain points are. This will help prioritize the road map but also prioritize which apps should be migrated first. As migration begins we will keep track of patterns that get created and determine what applications in your portfolio benefit from this work. Phlyt will help you work through your portfolio, moving it to Cloud safely and securely.

  • Data Migration
    Data integration/ingestion in an enterprise environment to troubleshoot data challenges that impede scalability.

    There is no escaping mainframe and large relational databases. To take advantage of Cloud, and Cloud Native architectures, there will be a proliferation of more Cloud friendly data stores, caches and message brokers. Phlyt will work to build pipelines and jobs to get key data from legacy sources and move it into modern data stores. We will help your teams select and stand up new data stores and provide best practice writing applications that work with them.

  • Custom Training
    Build and deliver onboarding and training materials to help your team get up to speed with Cloud Native development faster.

    As your team begins to explore making the most of the Cloud, new possibilities around scale and polyglot architectures will become available to them. Phlyt can help them get up to speed faster. We will build custom training programs that show how to combine the tools and processes that are part of your culture with new tools and technology to make the most of Cloud environments. We will also help you navigate the breadth of training options out there (Pluralsight, Udemy, YouTube, and other) by helping build recommended content to help your teams overcome knowledge gaps and build confidence.


Innovative Cloud-based products and services

Phlyt is also a product company. We build all of our products using the Spring framework. Our preferred runtime for web based applications is Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Product Delivery Platform

Many enterprises are under attack by software disruptors. Being able to quickly turn a business idea into an application in production is only part of the story.

Phlyt Academy

Phlyt offers an application that contains online, self-lead training exercises and quizzes that can be used to give your team exposure to new technology and workflows.


Join the Phlyt Team

We're always on the lookout for talented individuals to support and lead various Cloud Native projects on behalf of our clients. Available positions are posted on Indeed. Keep an eye out for the next opportunity.